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Music and Movement
A workshop full of ideas, intrigue, and answers.
This workshop will begin by giving you a plethora of ideas to use in your classroom. It will continue by bringing about a great amount of
intrigue into the world of music. Not only will it discuss the benefits of music but bring about enough interest for you to use music more and
share that interest with your children. This workshop won't end until you have all your questions answered and you feel comfortable
making music and movement a part of your daily classroom routine.Bringing a tape recorder is highly recommended.

Additional trainings that are offered by Diana L. Kane M.Ed. and Debby Rawson Stratton M.Ed....

*A Workshop for all Seasons and the DOE Guidelines
*NAEYC Portfolios
*A Peaceful Classroom
*Staff Team Building
*Linking the Arts to Children's Literature
*Early Literacy Skills for Infant and Toddlers
*How to Apply the Multiple Intelligences
Puppet Play
How often do you use your puppets? What do you use your puppets for? How can you
encourage your students to use puppets? Come
learn different times to use your puppets and different ways to use them (with or without crazy voices). This workshop will also offer easy ways to make puppets for the teachers to use as well as ways to make puppets with your students.

Books and Storytelling
Don't get frustrated when the kids won't
sit and listen to a story. Don't get upset when they want to hear the same book again. Come to this workshop and learn some new stories, titles of new books, as well as great ways to use puppets, props, and music while telling the stories.

*If you don't see what you want here, please contact Diana to ask about a training just for you and your staff!!!
Music with Infants
Infants can benefit from music too. Come learn new songs, learn a variety of new music
activities, learn how to use puppets, props and instruments with infants, as well as the best body positions for the children as you
work with them.
Bringing a tape recorder is highly recommended.

Links to Literacy
From books to blocks and water table to playground. Every part of your classroom can
be used to promote literacy. The many ideas presented in this workshop will enhance your curriculum and make your classroom a better place to learn about books for your children and their parents. Many ideas will be presented
for all areas of your classroom and will include story stretcher activities.

Musical Transitions
Sing your way to story time, march outside, and stomp to circle. After this workshop, your
day will breeze by. This workshop will introduce you to new ideas to help guide you and your children through different parts of the day. Come learn new songs and games to make
those difficult transition times much easier.
Bringing a tape recorder is highly
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