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Diana Kane has many years of
preschool classroom experience but is now a music and drama specialist/ storyteller who holds a Master's Degree in Education from Lesley University and her Bachelor's Degree in Interdisiplinary Arts for Children. She put her experience and education to good use when she started a  company called Creative Connection in 2003. Diana finds it exciting traveling to various schools to share her stories and songs. Diana has also enjoyed not only leading teacher trainings but meeting and learning from other teachers during the trainings.
Creative Connection Mission Statement

The mission of Creative Connection is “Bringing the Arts to Children.” Diana travels to many area schools and exposes children to art forms that they may not have the opportunity to explore at such an early and vital age. Children are exposed to many different kinds of music, a variety of musical instruments, and are encouraged to move their bodies in order for the children to express themselves. The children are also encouraged to listen, let their imaginations wander and share their ideas while Diana shares folk tales, fairy tales, and tall tales.
It is vital to introduce new ways for children to learn, grow, and express themselves. The arts are a wonderful tool that allow children the opportunity to do all of that in a fun and exciting way. “Bringing the Arts to Children” is bringing them a brighter future.
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